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We are passionate about helping organisations grow better.

Below are some case studies of organisations we have worked with and the impact we have had on their growth and processes.

London Interdisciplinary School

We worked with London Interdisciplinary School (LIS) as they implemented HubSpot at their new university.

"Gemma knows HubSpot inside out and
was one of the main reasons we chose
HubSpot as our CRM solution.
I can't recommend HubGem highly enough,
especially if you're adapting HubSpot to fit
your needs as an educational institution."

Plum Turner
Director of Marketing & Recruitment

LIS had never used a CRM system before. Prior to implementation we provided consultancy to help the team explore the best ways to introduce HubSpot into their marketing and student recruitment strategy. We answered all of their questions ranging from the high-level, strategic direction for the school down to the very specific technical and functional questions about the product itself.

Once the implementation started, we helped with the initial configuration of HubSpot, working with the team to map out their CRM requirements and built custom properties then prepared their contact database for import. 

We planned out conversion paths and automation that would improve their student experience and enable the team to make the most of the HubSpot functionality, whilst reducing the manual workload.

When working with LIS we ran face-to-face discovery sessions with the relevant university staff, delivered training and provided ongoing remote support as they adapted to a new system and improved way of working.

HubSpot has now become a key solution for LIS and they are already seeing the results in their recruitment activity.


haut lac logo

We have provided a range of marketing, SEO and HubSpot services for Haut-Lac School who are based in Switzerland, transforming their marketing and admissions processes and whole school communications.

"Thank you for your support, flexibility
and willingness to go the extra mile.
Being able to work on the system implementation
not only with a tool expert but also a subject matter expert
made all the difference to us!"

Magdalena Drag
Marketing & Admissions Manager

We have worked with Haut-Lac on a range of projects to improve their processes and communications - all delivered remotely. We started by helping them to implement HubSpot, with 90-days of onboarding. 

This was the first time the school had used a CRM system alongside their pupil management software and we worked with the whole marketing and admissions team to migrate everything - including the admissions process into HubSpot.

We also provided a number of web and template development projects on both their main WordPress hosted site and their HubSpot hosted landing pages.

By the end of the onboarding period the school were using HubSpot for all of their marketing and were so impressed with the communication capabilities that they decided to also use the system for managing alumni relationships.

At the end of the onboarding period, and once the team were fully trained, Haut-Lac moved on to a support package with us which has allowed us to deliver specific training to move the full admissions process on to HubSpot and also give extra guidance on managing complex automation logic.

We have recently delivered a full SEO audit of the school's website and presented a number of actionable suggestions on how to improve their visibility on search engines.

With the team working with streamlined processes and already seeing results, they have been able to turn their attention to other strategic priorities to improve their marketing efforts. 

LMS An Education for Life copy

We introduced HubSpot to Lincoln Minster School in 2016 with the aim of increasing the number of pupils on roll and improving the communications between initial enquiry to enrolment.


"Gemma's pioneering work utilising HubSpot within the educational theatre has transformed our approach to handling admissions.
Systematic yet personalised, rigorous yet adaptable - HubSpot has ensured we now have an approach which satisfies the needs of potential parents through bespoke lines of enquiry, and goes on to support families through their journey towards joining the school.

A sharp and creative innovator, Gemma combines a personal touch with a tech savvy approach to ensure both the school and prospective parents receive a first class marketing experience with HubSpot."

Rick Eastham
Deputy Headmaster

Prior to using HubSpot at Lincoln Minster School, the team were using a number of point-solutions and there was a disconnect between marketing and admissions communications. 

Within just six months the school saw an 118% increase in enquiries and a 53% increase in web traffic. Within 2 years of using HubSpot the number of pupils on roll had increased by 11%.


"Gemma's introduction of HubSpot to the school has added a personal touch to the customer journey, making every interaction between parents and staff truly unique.
HubSpot has had a significant impact on recruitment, event management, customer satisfaction and team progression."

Sophie Frater
International Marketing & Admissions Executive


HubSpot Solutions Partner

Certification (HubSpot)

Covering implementation of the HubSpot Agency Partner Framework. Demonstrating the ability to effectively execute and manage inbound campaigns on behalf of HubSpot clients.

Guided Client Onboarding

Certification (HubSpot)

Covering Guided Client Onboarding and building an effective onboarding programme for HubSpot clients that is both scalable and repeatable.

Sales Hub Implementation

Certification (HubSpot)

Covering implementation of HubSpot Sales Hub, with an exam that tested best practices and tactical steps required for a successful implementation.

Inbound Marketing

Certification (HubSpot)

Covering the application of inbound marketing techniques, the inbound approach to creating content, social promotion, converting and nurturing leads, and marketing to customers.

HubSpot Marketing Software

Certification (HubSpot)

Using the HubSpot Marketing software to create and implement a cohesive inbound marketing strategy. Proficiency in the essential functions of Marketing Hub and its core tools.

Social Media

Certification (HubSpot)

Covering inbound social media strategy, best practices, social monitoring, content strategy, social engagement, creating social media policies, and demonstrating social ROI to stakeholders.

Sales Skills

Course/Bootcamp (HubSpot)

Completion of the Sales Skills Bootcamp with David Weinhaus.

Inbound Sales

Certification (HubSpot)

Covering the inbound sales methodology; best practices and applying them to identify, connect, explore and advise potential buyers.

Frictionless Sales

Certification (HubSpot)

Covering the frictionless selling framework and applying flywheel thinking to sales

Media Production

BA (Hons)

Covering video production, audio production, design and visual communication, digital animation, script and screenwriting, research methods.

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