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What is HubSpot Onboarding?
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Duration and Cost
HubSpot Marketing/Sales Professional Onboarding
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What is HubSpot Onboarding?

Onboarding (also known as guided client onboarding) is an introduction to HubSpot tools, it is a requirement (and extremely valuable!) to anyone using HubSpot Professional and Enterprise products.

HubSpot tools will help you with effective lead generation, closing more deals or conversions, and aligning your marketing, sales (or admissions) and service teams.

Implementation is the most important part of your HubSpot journey, effective technical set-up, a joined-up approach to your lead-capture strategy and a considered plan on how your want to handle your data is key to long term success.

Whether you simply want training on the products so that your team can implement them, or you need a more consultative approach and support with implementation and technical set-up, we can help.

Why choose HubGem to deliver Onboarding?

As a Gold tiered Certified HubSpot Solutions Partner, we can guide you through the task of setting up your new system and getting your inbound marketing efforts off the ground.

We have helped businesses of all different shapes and sizes implement HubSpot tools successfully - from start-ups to non-profits, and professional services to eCommerce. We are recommended by HubSpot colleagues as an education specialist and are well-prepared to help schools, colleges and universities implement HubSpot tools.

Here are a few reasons to choose HubGem for your HubSpot guided client onboarding:

  • Experienced at implementing HubSpot products across businesses of various shapes and sizes (from start-ups to large companies)
  • Get more for your money. Our onboarding packages are delivered by a specialist growth consultant who can help you reach your goals with marketing strategy embedded into the training sessions.
  • Education, non-profit and start-up specific onboarding. We can included dedicated sessions aimed at setting HubSpot up to transform your admissions processes, fundraising activities and marketing campaigns.
  • Access to our unique learning centre (more information below).
  • 5-star service. We have 100% positive feedback from our customers, many of whom enjoy working with us so much that they trust us with ongoing projects (such as web development or consulting) and support packages.
  • Remote and in-person delivery options. We plan our onboarding to suit your needs, offering a flexible programme and delivery options. We offer our services worldwide.

Duration and Cost

Our HubSpot onboarding is designed for those using HubSpot for the first time.

We offer a number of onboarding packages, if you have any questions, drop us an email and we will be happy to help you identify the best solution for your needs.

All of our Professional and Enterprise onboarding options include:

  • Dedicated marketing specialist
  • Unlimited email support
  • 90 days of support
  • Access to our exclusive Onboarding Hub
Details on our onboarding packages and pricing below. 
HubSpot Marketing/Sales Professional Onboarding

Option 1: Basic

Learn the fundamentals of the HubSpot Marketing and/or Sales Professional software with a HubSpot for education and non-profits specialist.


  • 1x 1-hour training session per week for you and your team
  • Email support throughout

Ideal for: Large teams who have in-house capacity to implement HubSpot whilst learning the tools


Option 2: Advanced

Comprehensive training on the HubSpot Marketing and/or Sales Professional software with an education and non-profit specialist. Collaborative implementation support and strategy sessions.


  • 2x 1-hour training sessions per week for you and your team
  • Persona development, content & SEO strategy
  • Data import and workflow support
  • Admissions-specific set-up and training
  • Email support throughout

Ideal for: Small to medium teams who would benefit from a consultative approach to onboarding.


Option 3: Premium

Comprehensive training on the HubSpot Marketing and/or Sales Professional software with an education and non-profit specialist. Plus consultative implementation to set you up for success with strategy and admissions training.

Everything included in Option 2, plus:

  • Initial Technical set-up (including tracking code installation, connecting ads, shared inboxes and social accounts, custom properties, GDPR functions, live chat set-up, replacing existing web forms, connecting with apps featured in App Marketplace)
  • Import of existing contacts
  • Marketing tools set-up (including branded email template, landing page template, ads audience, smart lists and up to 5 automation workflows)
  • Creation of one admissions process (including forms and automation)

Ideal for: Organisations with complex processes or busy teams who do not have the capacity in-house for set-up.


HubSpot Service Professional Onboarding

Comprehensive training on the HubSpot Marketing and/or Sales Professional software with an education and non-profit specialist.


  • Remote (5x 1 hour calls) or in-person (1 day) delivery.
  • Email support throughout


Note: if you are using HubSpot Growth Suite Professional, you will need one of the above onboarding options (1, 2 or 3) plus Service Hub onboarding.


HubSpot Enterprise Onboarding

For large organisations using HubSpot Marketing, Sales or Service Enterprise products, effective implementation and effective onboarding is key to your long term success with HubSpot products. We can tailor our onboarding to meet your needs.

Contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

From £5500

Onboarding for HubSpot Starter or Free Tools

HubSpot starter products are aimed at small businesses and start-ups. We provide a number of CRM and Starter Services, including Starter Onboarding, for smaller businesses which include training on the free or Starter products.

From £450

Our Exclusive Education Onboarding Hub

We are delighted to announce our Onboarding Hub, exclusive to education organisations who complete their HubSpot Onboarding with us. This unique online resource centre has everything you need to make HubSpot implementation a success for your school, college or university and complements the onboarding sessions.

Screenshot 2020-08-04 at 16.40.29

If you want us to cover anything not listed, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

*Onboarding is a HubSpot requirement for all Marketing/Sales/Service Hub Professional and Enterprise users. For in-person onboarding, travel expenses apply

Onboarding Schedule and Content

We understand the demands of the education and non-profit environments. That's why we strive to be as flexible as possible with the delivery of our Onboarding Services.

Our onboarding delivery makes the most of your 90-day onboarding period and gives you time to practice what you have learned between calls.

See an example detailed onboarding schedule.

Below is an example of what we will cover during Marketing and Sales Professional Onboarding (this will vary depending on your goals and the onboarding package you choose):

  • Kick-off & Goal Setting
  • Contacts & CRM Tools
  • Objects (Companies, Deals, Tickets, Products)
  • Import
  • Lead Capture & Forms
  • Quotes
  • Conversion Paths
  • Quick Wins
  • Conversations and GDPR
  • Introduction to Automation
  • Social Tools and Ads
  • Campaigns
  • Reporting
  • Ongoing Support
  • Advanced persona development
  • Buyer's journey content planning
  • Admissions training sessions
  • Workflow logic support

Below is an example of what we will cover in Service Professional Onboarding

  • Knowledge Base - set up, functionality, reporting
  • Chatbots and live chat automation
  • Tickets and ticket pipelines
  • Measuring customer experience using feedback surveys
  • Ticket reporting

Implementing HubSpot is not something that should be rushed, it is important that we work with you to spend the time learning about how to get the most out of the system. However, if you are working to short timeframes, we may be able to offer an intense schedule to get you ready to launch your first campaign within a couple of weeks (subject to availability).

If you want us to cover anything not listed, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Ongoing Support

Once your onboarding period is over, we can offer a continuation of our support with our monthly packages - designed with flexibility in mind and something for every budget. 

Attract, convert, close and delight to grow your enrolment numbers.

Marketing & Support Services


Gemma is an incredibly impressive marketer who simply gets things done!

Gemma exhibited great innovation and determination in bringing HubSpot to Lincoln Minster School in 2017 and achieved incredible results with the software within months. In the intervening years it has been exciting to watch Gemma immerse herself in the Inbound Methodology and deliver success for all that she has worked with.

HubGem is the next chapter in Gemma’s story, and this brings a huge opportunity to all schools and colleges considering digital transformation but unsure where to start!

Gemma has lived that story and I have no hesitation in recommending her. 

James Murphy - Education Manager at Hubspot
I had the pleasure of working with Gemma from HubGem on a project to implement HubSpot for a new university in London, the London Interdisciplinary School (LIS). LIS had never used a CRM system before and Gemma was able to answer all the questions that they had before the implementation started – ranging from the high-level, strategic direction for the school down to the very specific technical and functional questions about the product itself.

After LIS had signed with HubSpot, Gemma was engaged to help with the initial configuration of HubSpot and it’s implementation at LIS. This involved discovery sessions with the University staff, to ensure that she understood exactly what they needed to achieve with HubSpot, configuration of the product itself, staff training, as well as ongoing support. Everyone at LIS agreed that this help was invaluable and was key to making it a successful implementation. HubSpot has now become a key solution for LIS and they are already beginning to see the results in their marketing and recruitment activity.

Having worked in Education most of her career, Gemma has great experience and is instantly able to understand the unique needs and challenges that Educational institutions and schools face. This is where she really provides a value-added service. On top of that she is efficient, responsive and great communicator - and all this with a great sense of humour to boot ! I would not hesitate to endorse her as a HubSpot Education specialist and would highly recommend working with her for a successful implementation.
Chris Colnaghi - Independent IT Education Consultant

Gemma knows HubSpot inside out and was one of the main reasons we chose HubSpot as our CRM solution.

I can't recommend her highly enough, especially if you're adapting HubSpot to fit your needs as an educational institution.

Plum Turner - Director of Marketing & Recruitment at the London Interdisciplinary School

Gemma has been the instrumental lead in transforming the approach Lincoln Minster School has taken to marketing and recruitment.

Gemma's pioneering work utilising HubSpot within the educational theatre has transformed LMS' approach to handling admissions. Systematic yet personalised, rigorous yet adaptable - HubSpot has ensured we now have an approach which satisfies the needs of potential parents through bespoke lines of enquiry, and goes on to support families through their journey towards joining the school.

A sharp and creative innovator, Gemma combines a personal touch with a tech savvy approach to ensure both the school and prospective parents receive a first class marketing experience with HubSpot.

Rick Eastham - Deputy Head at Lincoln Minster School

Gemma's support, flexibility and willingness to go an extra mile made her a pleasure to work with.

Being able to work on the HubSpot system implementation not only with a tool expert but also a subject matter expert made all the difference to us. Thank you!

Magda Drag - Head of Marketing and Admissions at Haut Lac International Bilingual School

Gemma has brought her marketing skills to support Poacher International Scout and Guide Jamboree.

Her fresh, innovative ideas have restructured how we market our event in an ever competitive market.
Her knowledge of Hubspot and drive to maximise its potential for the volunteer-led event have already proved to be invaluable.

Our marketing presence and digital communication tools are now leading the way for the most successful Poacher yet!

Steve Newton - Head of Programme at Poacher 2021

HubGem was integral in the set up, implementation and training of HubSpot within our business. Great at listening and feeding back easy-to-digest solutions, which have enabled steady growth in both lead capture and conversion.

Clearly both knowledgeable and passionate about the capabilities of HubSpot, HubGem has become an invaluable partner within our business.

Hannah Fisher - Digital Marketing & Admissions Executive at Lincoln Minster School

Gemma has been a pleasure to work with and really knows her stuff. Her knowledge of Hubspot has helped our recruitment efforts significantly and she has easily been able to get our entire leadership team on board with her genuine belief in Hubspot as a solution and proven record of success with it.

The help we received with implementing Hubspot, and fantastic delivery of training that Gemma provided for our teams, has resulted in record enquiries within months.

Gemma fully understands how to use the Inbound Methodology to drive traffic and generate leads and we would not hesitate to recommend HubGem to anyone wanting help with their marketing and growth goals.

Dan Price - IT Manager at Poacher 2021

Gemma has contributed to many extended regional campaigns with us at Warner Bros pictures, where she has created promotional communications to successfully amplify awareness within the local areas.

She has demonstrated a speedy understanding of how to use our digital materials appropriately within brand guidelines as a 3rd party partner. This made the communications smooth and as a result we continued to ask for Gemma’s support on forthcoming film releases.

Louise Crawshaw - Regional Marketing Executive at Warner Bros

Gemma is prepared to work exceptionally hard on any project. She has powerful strategic vision and has the personality and drive to follow through.

She has taken the standing of the Alumni association of which I am members' secretary to a very professional level, recruiting, managing profiles and advertising events with drive and flair.

Ian Thomson - Secretary at Old Minsterians Alumni Association

Gemma’s communication skills are crucial to her success, when working with the Newark Academy she was able to build strong working relationships with the different departments with ease.

Gemma also demonstrated strong strategic leadership and management skills; she contributed excellent ideas and effective communication with staff, governors and the Senior Leadership Team.

Karine Jasper - Principal at The Newark Academy (2015)

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