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Who are HubGem?


HubGem is a, multi-award-winning, digital marketing agency specialising in helping education, non-profit organisations and businesses grow by increasing their reach and improve their engagement.
We are passionate about the importance of effective, transparent communication both within an organisation and beyond.
We are genuinely excited to find new ways that
tech can make a difference and bringing these ideas to businesses to drive them forward in an increasingly digital world, is something we find incredibly rewarding.

Our Story

We are a small team of dedicated marketers, developers and designers, with years of experience working directly within a range of businesses.
We started HubGem after working with (and within) a range of education and non-profit organisations. We understand some of the unique opportunities and challenges these environments face and have a proven track record of providing results.
You can meet the team and read more about us below. 


We don't just want to help you grow, we want to help you grow better.

Proud to be a Diamond HubSpot Solutions Partner, we are experts at helping organisations implement HubSpot tools and grow using the inbound methodology.
So, whether you are looking to increase website traffic, manage your communications better or convert more leads into customers - we can help.
We know that teams often have busy and wide-ranging to-do lists, when working with HubGem you can treat us like a member of your extended team and trust us to focus on the bits you don't have the time or skills to develop. 
Our services include:
  • Web design and development
  • CRM/HubSpot implementation and onboarding
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic design
  • Automation building
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Strategy and audit services


We are a Diamond-tiered HubSpot Solutions Partner. Which means we have HubSpot's stamp of approval. We are specially trained in HubSpot implementation, services and the inbound marketing methodology.

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Also, between us we have degrees in Media Production, Computer Science, Advertising and Public Relations and Graphic Design.


Plus a number of accredited certificates from HubSpot, Microsoft, Google and the Chartered Institute for IT.

5* Reviews

We are delighted to have received lots of 5* reviews and recommendations from those we have worked with. 

Read our reviews.

Meet the team

Gemma Price

CEO & Founder

Gemma is a passionate marketing strategist and digital content producer. She has a wealth of experience in education and non-profit marketing and has implemented HubSpot for many organisations.

Prior to launching HubGem she worked as Director of Marketing and Admissions in an independent school. She has also worked as a PR and content officer for an FE/HE college, and as Head of Learning Resources at an academy.

Gemma has a degree in Media Production, she was County Marketing and Comms Manager for Lincolnshire Scouts for 5 years and is also on the senior management team for UK's largest international Scouting and Guiding jamboree.

In her spare time Gemma enjoys yummy food, spa days, and long walks with her husband, toddler, and deaf rescue dog Bo.

Hannah Fisher

Senior Growth Consultant

Hannah is a digital marketer who is passionate about using digital tools to help businesses innovate and grow. Hannah has a degree in Advertising and PR. Driven to continually learn and evolve in a dynamic, fast-evolving industry, she developed a bespoke online admissions process in HubSpot, when working in a marketing and admissions role in an independent school.

With experience in Education, Hospitality, Retail and Tourism, Hannah has a deep understanding and experience of a broad demographic of customer profiles. An understanding used to streamline the customer journey via thorough workflows, processes and automation. 

Although her passion lies within the digital world, she actively volunteers within her local community and is a keen supporter of an eco-friendly lifestyle.


Sophie Frater

Growth Consultant

Sophie is an experienced marketer who loves creating content and strategies that connect with audiences. She is very much a 'people person' and is always excited to meet new people and see what she can learn from them, as well as what they can learn from her.

Sophie has a degree in PR and Journalism, she has has worked in marketing and sales in a range of sectors including retail, print advertising and education marketing. Her role prior to joining HubGem was International Marketing and Admissions Executive in a UK independent school.

In addition to her experience using HubSpot, and in student recruitment (both international and domestic), relationship building and strategic content creation, Sophie brings an infectious positive attitude and genuine passion for helping people and organisations succeed.

In her spare time, Sophie has her own YouTube channel where she shares her love of food, healthy lifestyles and how she manages her curly hair!

Guy Bloodworth

Marketing Executive

Guy is a digital marketer who loves the crossover between creative content and data-fuelled marketing. Upon having his dissertation published by the Lincoln International Business School, in which he explored content marketing and its effectiveness, Guy is now keen to implement his findings and research to create effective content that yields the best results.

In Guy’s previous role he worked as a digital marketer for a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) company, he gained an array of experience and created award-winning content in his time there. Guy also has experience taking the lead Marketing role in a tech start-up, creating the marketing infrastructure from the ground up and playing an important role in developing the brand.

Marketing aside, Guy is an eager gym enthusiast and loves to exercise. When he’s not at the gym you’ll likely find him socialising with his mates or keeping up to date with the latest boxing and UFC competitions.

Dan Price

Technical Lead

Dan has worked in a range of digital marketing and IT roles across the leisure, non-profit, construction and education sectors. He has helped to launch a number of successful start-ups including online shop Little Penguin which supplies penguin-related gifts around the world!

Dan has a degree in Computer Science and is a skilled web designer and developer as well as a digital marketer. He is particularly interested in using data to inform a customer journey and introducing streamlined processes to save teams time and manual work.

In his spare time Dan enjoys DJing, climbing mountains and a cheeky Nandos. He also runs a Scout Group which gives young people the opportunity to enjoy exciting adventures.


Sean Matthews

Graphic Designer

Sean is an experienced Graphic Designer, Videographer and Animator with over 20 years of experience in producing impactful visuals.

As well as providing printed literature and digital imagery to a range of businesses and schools, Sean has worked for Lincoln College Group for over 10 years, transforming their imagery and raising their profile as an organisation.

Sean has a degree in Graphic Design and as well as producing creative visuals and animations, he is skilled in marketing strategy and recruitment events. 

In his spare time, Sean enjoys playing sports, watching football and attending festivals.

Simon Cooper

Technical Consultant

Simon has over 17 years in web design and development, producing websites across a range of sectors.

He is passionate about building sites that offer excellent speed and performance, whilst really capturing an organisation's unique brand.



HubSpot Solutions Partner

Certification (HubSpot)

Covering implementation of the HubSpot Agency Partner Framework. Demonstrating the ability to effectively execute and manage inbound campaigns on behalf of HubSpot clients.

Guided Client Onboarding

Certification (HubSpot)

Covering Guided Client Onboarding and building an effective onboarding programme for HubSpot clients that is both scalable and repeatable.

Sales Hub Implementation

Certification (HubSpot)

Covering implementation of HubSpot Sales Hub, with an exam that tested best practices and tactical steps required for a successful implementation.

Inbound Marketing

Certification (HubSpot)

Covering the application of inbound marketing techniques, the inbound approach to creating content, social promotion, converting and nurturing leads, and marketing to customers.

HubSpot Marketing Software

Certification (HubSpot)

Using the HubSpot Marketing software to create and implement a cohesive inbound marketing strategy. Proficiency in the essential functions of Marketing Hub and its core tools.

Social Media

Certification (HubSpot)

Covering inbound social media strategy, best practices, social monitoring, content strategy, social engagement, creating social media policies, and demonstrating social ROI to stakeholders.

Sales Skills

Course/Bootcamp (HubSpot)

Completion of the Sales Skills Bootcamp with David Weinhaus.

Inbound Sales

Certification (HubSpot)

Covering the inbound sales methodology; best practices and applying them to identify, connect, explore and advise potential buyers.

Frictionless Sales

Certification (HubSpot)

Covering the frictionless selling framework and applying flywheel thinking to sales

Media Production

BA (Hons)

Covering video production, audio production, design and visual communication, digital animation, script and screenwriting, research methods.

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