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HubSpot Re-onboarding

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What is Re-onboarding? 

HubSpot Onboarding is what we call the implementation period with your new software.

Re-onboarding is for those who are already using HubSpot and is designed to help those who have previously completed Onboarding with another provider but need a refresher or more sector-specific guidance. 

Have you: 

  • Completed Onboarding initially with another provider and need training more specific to the education or non-profit sector?
  • Completed Onboarding with HubGem or another provider and need a refresher for your team or need to train new team members who are using HubSpot for the first time?
  • Completed Onboarding with another provider but are unhappy with the service received and have identified gaps in your knowledge?  

If so, Re-onboarding is probably what you're looking for! 

We are experienced in delivering Onboarding to schools, colleges, universities, agents, training providers, charities and other non-profit organisations, and businesses that support these sectors. 

Why choose HubGem for your Re-onboarding? 

We are experts in our sector!  We share best practices from similar organisations and bring our understanding of the education and non-profit sectors as well as HubSpot expertise. We are experienced in taking existing HubSpot accounts and helping our clients to improve them, clean everything up and make HubSpot work better for them. 

We don't just 'do', we offer training and guidance too - we want to make sure you also have the skills you need to manage your account long term. 

HubSpot Re-Onboarding

Want to know more about our Re-onboarding?

Book a call, we are happy to answer any questions! 

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