Our Culture 

We are committed to the wellbeing of our employees

At HubGem we have a real focus on the culture and environment we provide for our team, and this is something we strive to uphold and nurture as the company continues to grow. We're nothing without our team, and our employees are our priority - just as much as our customers.

We want every team member to have the opportunity to grow in a positive working culture that offers both personal & professional development, whilst promoting an inclusive and collaborative working environment for all.

At HubGem, we understand the importance of maintaining a positive work-life balance and care immensely for our employee wellbeing, this helps us to ensure that both our team and clients feel fully supported and most importantly - happy!

We are proud to be rated 5* on Glassdoor for our culture and commitment to our employees.

Glassdoor rating


"I'm proud to be building a company from the ground up that prioritises company culture, we want to be a fun, flexible, inclusive and collaborative team and create a working environment in which our team and clients can thrive. As an employer I am dedicated to keeping the wellbeing and happiness of my employees front of mind as we grow, with flexible working, an emphasis on work life balance and making sure that every member of the team feels heard"

- Gemma, CEO and Founder

Our wellbeing initiatives 

Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesdays

A Wednesday afternoon off each quarter to focus on mind, body and soul!

Headspace subscription

Headspace Subscription 

All employees can benefit from guided meditation and mindfulness activities to help with relaxation and positivity!

Deskmate standing desks

Deskmate Standing Desks

Standing desks are shown to improve blood flow, circulation and raise energy levels!

Appreciation and rewards

Appreciation and Rewards

We want to make sure that our employees are rewarded for doing a good job!

Flexible working

Flexible Working

We know that life gets busy and it can be hard to fit everything in. We are proud to provide a flexible approach to the working day.

remote working

Remote Working

You don’t need to be in an office or at a desk to make an impact! Fancy a change of scenery? Work from wherever you get a good internet connection.

Training and Learning opportunities

Training and Learning Opportunities

A love of learning is something to be celebrated and we proudly support employees in professional development with dedicated time for training each week.

Career progression paths

Career progression paths

It is so important that our employees have the opportunity to grow and develop with our company.

Travel opportunities

Travel Opportunities

Travel to HubSpot events and offices including EMEA headquarters in Dublin, Ireland and HubSpot Global Headquarters in Boston, USA

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In-Person Events

These provide opportunities to team build, train, share ideas, and have some fun team bonding.  

Birthday celebrations

Birthday Celebrations

We love to celebrate our employees at HubGem which is why we celebrate our employees’ birthdays with a card and fun social opportunities.   


Award winning company culture

Award-Winning Company Culture

HubGem’s Culture has been recognised on a national scale which reflects our commitment to our team dynamic and employees.

Looking for an exciting new career?  

Check out our job vacancies and see if there is anything for you! 

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