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What is HubSpot?

HubSpot CRM Marketing, Sales and Service tools

HubSpot is a digital platform to help your business grow. Not just to grow bigger, but grow better, in a way that is more efficient for both your teams and your customers.

It provides all of the tools you need to market, sell and provide amazing customer service, all in one place.

There are three main products that work perfectly together:

Marketing Hub

This is a powerful tool to attract people to your website and brand.

Use it to share engaging content across your web and social channels, to produce tailored and effective email marketing campaigns, and ads. Save time and give your customers the best experience with automation tools and smart content. Optimise conversion rates with landing pages, calls-to-action and video hosting. Measure traffic analytics, report on marketing campaigns and create custom reports.

Find out more about Marketing Hub.

Sales Hub

Gives you the tools to sell in a more personalised way.

Embrace a process that is more efficient with deal stage, task and lead rotation automation. Tailor your customer experience with one-to-one-video creation and sequences.

Find out more about Sales Hub.

Service Hub

Tools to help you engage with customers, guide them to solutions and turn them into ambassadors who help grow your business even more. With help desk ticketing, task automation for your teams, a helpful knowledge base to help your customers help themselves. NPS, support and customer experience feedback surveys.

Find out more about Service Hub.

All of these tools are built on HubSpot CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, which brings everything together into one single shared view for each of your customers.

Contact us to discuss your growth goals and how we can help.

Why use HubSpot?


HubSpot Solutions Partner

Certification (HubSpot)

Covering implementation of the HubSpot Agency Partner Framework. Demonstrating the ability to effectively execute and manage inbound campaigns on behalf of HubSpot clients.

Guided Client Onboarding

Certification (HubSpot)

Covering Guided Client Onboarding and building an effective onboarding programme for HubSpot clients that is both scalable and repeatable.

Sales Hub Implementation

Certification (HubSpot)

Covering implementation of HubSpot Sales Hub, with an exam that tested best practices and tactical steps required for a successful implementation.

Inbound Marketing

Certification (HubSpot)

Covering the application of inbound marketing techniques, the inbound approach to creating content, social promotion, converting and nurturing leads, and marketing to customers.

HubSpot Marketing Software

Certification (HubSpot)

Using the HubSpot Marketing software to create and implement a cohesive inbound marketing strategy. Proficiency in the essential functions of Marketing Hub and its core tools.

Social Media

Certification (HubSpot)

Covering inbound social media strategy, best practices, social monitoring, content strategy, social engagement, creating social media policies, and demonstrating social ROI to stakeholders.

Sales Skills

Course/Bootcamp (HubSpot)

Completion of the Sales Skills Bootcamp with David Weinhaus.

Inbound Sales

Certification (HubSpot)

Covering the inbound sales methodology; best practices and applying them to identify, connect, explore and advise potential buyers.

Frictionless Sales

Certification (HubSpot)

Covering the frictionless selling framework and applying flywheel thinking to sales

Media Production

BA (Hons)

Covering video production, audio production, design and visual communication, digital animation, script and screenwriting, research methods.

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Gemma is an incredibly impressive marketer who simply gets things done!

Gemma exhibited great innovation and determination in bringing HubSpot to Lincoln Minster School in 2017 and achieved incredible results with the software within months. In the intervening years it has been exciting to watch Gemma immerse herself in the Inbound Methodology and deliver success for all that she has worked with.

HubGem is the next chapter in Gemma’s story, and this brings a huge opportunity to all schools and colleges considering digital transformation but unsure where to start!

Gemma has lived that story and I have no hesitation in recommending her.
James Murphy - Education Industry Manager at Hubspot
Gemma has brought her marketing skills to support Poacher International Scout and Guide Jamboree. Her fresh, innovative ideas have restructured how we market our event in an ever competitive market.
Her knowledge of Hubspot and drive to maximise its potential for the volunteer-led event have already proved to be invaluable. Our marketing presence and digital communication tools are now leading the way for the most successful Poacher yet!
Steve Newton - Head of Programme at Poacher 2021
Gemma has contributed to many extended regional campaigns with us at Warner Bros pictures, where she has created promotional communications to successfully amplify awareness within the local areas.
She has demonstrated a speedy understanding of how to use our digital materials appropriately within brand guidelines as a 3rd party partner. This made the communications smooth and as a result we continued to ask for Gemma’s support on forthcoming film releases.
Louise Crawshaw - Regional Marketing Executive at Warner Bros
Gemma is prepared to work exceptionally hard on any project. She has powerful strategic vision and has the personality and drive to follow through.
She has taken the standing of the Alumni association of which I am members' secretary to a very professional level, recruiting, managing profiles and advertising events with drive and flair.
Ian Thomson - Secretary at Old Minsterians Alumni Association

Gemma’s communication skills are crucial to her success, when working with the Newark Academy she was able to build strong working relationships with the different departments with ease.

Gemma also demonstrated strong strategic leadership and management skills; she contributed excellent ideas and effective communication with staff, governors and the Senior Leadership Team.

Karine Jasper - Principal at The Newark Academy