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HubSpot provides all the tools you need for marketing and admissions, amazing service and student/alumni communications, all in one place.

It's time to change the way school, college and university marketing departments work. Step away from the laborious processing of paper enquiry forms, endless spreadsheets of data and a disjointed approach from marketing to admissions. 


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HubSpot for...

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Independent Schools

➡️ Seamless integration with most popular MIS
➡️ Boarding capacity management
➡️ Online application  management
➡️ One central record for student/parent data
➡️ Personalised marketing communications
colleges and universities

Colleges and Universities 

➡️ Tailored student communications
➡️ Application management and tracking
➡️ Multilingual marketing communications
➡️ Automation of tasks and communications
➡️ Bring all your marketing efforts into one system for better insights into student behaviour
School Groups

School Groups

➡️ One central record of all schools data
➡️ Reporting insights for individual schools and the group giving consistency in data
➡️ Bespoke set up for each schools needs
➡️ Integrates with your MIS/student management systems
➡️ Scale operations without scaling your team

Training Providers

Training Providers 

➡️ Seamless event management
➡️ Bespoke set up of objects to fit needs
➡️ Multilingual marketing communications
➡️ Automation
➡️ Comprehensive custom reporting

Why use HubSpot for education?


Use HubSpot's Marketing Hub... attract the right traffic to your website, easily identify the prospects that are most likely to convert and nurture them with personalised and tailored content at every stage of the customer journey. From engaging web and social content, to personalised email marketing campaigns. 


Use CRM and Sales tools... continue the conversation and guide your prospects through the admissions process. Give your teams the tools they need to collaborate through the entire admissions process, from Marketing teams to Registrars, Senior Leaders to Administrators. 


Streamline your internal processes...

...using automation to relieve your teams of repetitive manual tasks and free up valuable time. Use one tool for every part of your marketing and admissions journey: no more hopping between analytics tools, email marketing platforms and spreadsheets of data. Using HubSpot will make the process work smoothly for every relationship, from prospective students and parents, to agents, businesses, alumni and feeder schools. 


Gather valuable feedback...

... on your customer’s experience at every stage. Automate feedback surveys to prospects who have recently visited you, had a taster experience or started your admissions process. Use this feedback to build ongoing review and improvement into your service – putting your customers first. 

What are the benefits of using HubSpot?

Website graphics culture page (95 × 95px) (14) Completely customisable

Website graphics culture page (95 × 95px) (14) All in one marketing, sales and service platform that allows you to align marketing and admissions teams

Website graphics culture page (95 × 95px) (14) Available in 6 different languages

Website graphics culture page (95 × 95px) (14) Mobile, tablet and desktop friendly

Website graphics culture page (95 × 95px) (14) Can replace: Admissions-specific software, Mailchimp, SurveyMonkey, Hootsuite.

Website graphics culture page (95 × 95px) (14) Integrates with: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Eventbrite, iSAMS, Outlook and many more. 

An open ended API that allows for seamless integrations with your essential school systems...In particular iSAMS!

Want to know more about the world's first integration between HubSpot an iSAMS? Use the button below for more information and  register your interest. 

iSAMS integration

Want to find out more?

To find out more about HubSpot and how we can help you, book onto one of our education specific CRM demos.