CRM for non-profits

The way non-profits inspire others to take action has dramatically changed.  

Traditional marketing strategies like print ads, direct mail, and one-size-fits-all email newsletters are leaving non-profits and charities with frustrated audiences and empty pockets. The good news is that connecting with today’s audience online is more affordable and achievable than ever. All you need are the right tools to get started. 

List of Nonprofits using HubSpot CRM

Why use HubSpot for non-profits?

Whether you’re looking to attract first-time visitors, or re-engage lifelong members, make the most of your marketing efforts with HubSpot’s all-in-one platform, designed to help you drive the actions that matter most to your organisation. 

Use a CRM  for Nonprofits to manage marketing, donations, fundraising, memberships and volunteers all in one place.  


Using a CRM for non-profit marketing 

HubSpot defines 'non-profit marketing' as 'The use of marketing tactics and strategies to amplify an organisation's cause and mission, solicit donations, and attract volunteers and supporters.' 

Charities can use HubSpot CRM to: 

  • Run cross-channel campaigns (email, events, video, social media, website)
  • Capture leads via forms  
  • Create automation to nurture leads via personalised communications 
  • Segment their contact database to gain actionable insights  

Using a CRM for donations 

  • Convert your one-time donors into recurring donors
  • Use lead scoring for prospective donors to build a donor list of profiles and prioritise leads
  • Report on your fundraising campaigns by linking money raised to enable customised reports
  • Track the lifecycle of contacts to deepen relationships and define the donor journey 

Using a CRM for fundraising 

Fundraising efforts are a way for charities to not only raise money but also promote key charity messages and goals, to further help their cause. The digital transformation of the business world hasn't by-passed fundraising and there are now numerous fundraising platforms to consider for raising money for charity.  

HubSpot App Marketplace has 1000+ App integrations (299 of those are free), one of which is Classy - an online non-profit fundraising software. All payment processors that integrate with HubSpot can be viewed in the Marketplace.


Using a CRM for memberships  

 Driving memberships to your organisation can be a complicated process involving numerous different systems. Streamline your processes and bring your entire membership journey into one user-friendly system. HubSpot has tools to support your teams in converting prospects to members, and also to nurture relationships with your existing members to ensure longevity.  

  • Use automation to manage your membership renewal process 
  • Create inbound marketing campaigns to generate new leads and demonstrate the value of membership to your organisation 
  • Create deal pipelines and reports to effectively track revenue and ROI 

Using a CRM for volunteer management 

As a charity, your CRM setup should be as bespoke you are. 

That’s why HubGem champions HubSpot for non-profits. With its custom object capabilities, it is possible to build a HubSpot CRM portal that fits the exact needs of your charity. 

  • Recruiting volunteers for charity programmes is a key focus for non-profits
  • Utilising a CRM system can help to track prospects, nurture leads and service the newly converted lead-to-volunteer via bespoke recruitment pipelines.

Ready to explore new ways of working? 

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