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We love hosting events that help education organisations grow better using HubSpot.

Join us for our regular events (virtual for now!), where we bring together HubSpot users from across the education sector to share their knowledge, insight and best practices across a wide range of inbound marketing, admissions and HubSpot-related topics! 

We also offer education and non-profit-specific demos.

All of our sessions are free to join and bursting with actionable advice and strategic insights.

Live Webinars

HubSpot User Group Education (UK)

Best fit HubSpot tools and set ups for large school groups

Friday 12th April 2:00pm - 3:00pm (GMT)

HubSpot CRM has quickly become a popular CRM solution for schools on a group level, supporting the streamlined approach across multiple schools for a more cohesive approach. Join our Director of Customer Service, Lizzie, as she shares the best HubSpot tools and set ups from her own experiences working with school groups.

➡️ Benefits of HubSpot for school groups 

➡️ How to decide which CRM tools are best suited for your individual CRM goals 

➡️ Lizzie's top tools for school groups

➡️ Case study: Best uses

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In-person Events

ISBI 'Know Your Audience' Conference

The HubGem team is gearing up for the upcoming ISBI conference.

We're passionate about understanding our clients' audiences and building data-driven marketing strategies that resonate. This conference, focused on audience insights and targeting, perfectly aligns with our core values.

While we're primarily attending to absorb the latest knowledge, HubGem also has something to offer! We'll be participating in networking events and discussions, ready to share our expertise.
Our team members Guy and Gemma will be delivering a workshop on ‘How using a CRM can help support your school manage and implement open events’ and it's not to be missed!

We're always looking to learn from our fellow marketing enthusiasts, so be sure to stop by and connect with our team at the conference!

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HubSpot Demos

Education CRM Demo

Walk away from an Education CRM demo knowing how to make more meaningful, authentic connections with prospective families. 

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Non-profit  CRM Demo

Join our next non-profit CRM demo on to discover how HubSpot can be used to track donations and increase memberships using bespoke, interactive pipelines.

Non-profit CRM