HubSpot for independent schools


What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a digital platform that will help your school to grow. Not just to grow bigger, but grow better, in a way that is more efficient for both your teams and your prospective students.

It provides all of the tools you need for marketing, admissions and providing amazing service, all in one place.

HubSpot for independent schools

Why should independent schools use HubSpot?

Whilst many schools have a Student Management Information System (MIS), these systems usually do not focus on the customer journey and the admissions process. This results in Marketing and Admissions teams using multiple systems (and usually lots of spreadsheets!) to effectively manage their data. 

HubSpot can help schools to manage enquiries and nurture relationships with prospective students and their parents. It will bring all of your efforts into one place including:

  • Contact data and prospective student data management
  • Forms (enquiry, application, prospectus requests, open day sign ups...)
  • Email marketing
  • Admissions emails
  • Live chat
  • Website and dedicated landing pages
  • Blog
  • Content planner/calendar
  • Social media analytics and web traffic data
  • Social media publishing and scheduling (post to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn - all from one platform)
  • SEO strategy tools
  • Reporting on expected numbers
  • Reporting on the impact of specific marketing activities and events
  • Automated personalised communications - saving you valuable time
  • Searchable Knowledge Base to host your FAQs
  • Helpdesk tickets and tasks

Using a dedicated CRM and Marketing platform like HubSpot will transform the way you work, improve collaboration between teams and give you better insight into what activities are driving conversions from enquiries through to enrolments.

Is HubSpot the right tool for our independent school?

Independent schools across the UK and Europe are changing the way that they market to, and engage with, prospective students and their families. Education-specific systems are struggling to keep up with the changing trends in digital marketing and schools are looking to leading cross-sector systems who are better able to manage the marketing and sales (admissions) journey. 

With digital marketing and tailored communications now part of everyone's life, your prospective parents will be expecting the level of engagement and personalised communications from your school that they get from every other brand that they engage with. The schools who can provide this level of service and tailored content will be favoured over those who take longer to reply, do not share engaging digital content and who send generic templated emails.

Schools using HubSpot and embracing inbound marketing methods are seeing an immediate positive impact on the way their teams work and the intelligent use of data is reducing workloads for marketing and admissions teams around the world. Within a few months schools are seeing an impact on the volume of enquiries from prospective students and then the conversion rates from enquiries into enrolments.

How do we find out more?

We recommend that you arrange an education-specific demo of HubSpot, so you can see what the system looks like and can ask any specific questions you may have.

Take a look at our case studies of some schools and colleges that have implemented HubSpot.

We are education marketing and HubSpot for education experts, and as a Certified HubSpot Solutions Partner we are qualified to give advice and training on the HubSpot products.

We can offer:

- HubSpot education-specific demo and free initial consultation
- Consultancy sessions to explore your strategy and goals in more detail
- HubSpot for independent schools onboarding/training
- Support packages to help your school implement the inbound marketing methodology
- SEO and content audits to advise what could be improved to help you attract more people to your website

Education Demo

"It is an absolute pleasure working with HubGem.
Gemma’s knowledge of the HubSpot platform is impressive and, having worked in schools previously, she’s able to assist us more broadly in relation to our marketing strategy. She has the unique ability to be able to explain complex ideas relating to content marketing and digital strategy very clearly and her enthusiasm is infectious!
HubGem are helping us as a team navigate significant organisational changes which are already having a positive impact."
Clare Marie Goldsworthy
Assistant Head (Communications) at Highgate School


HubSpot Solutions Partner

Certification (HubSpot)

Covering implementation of the HubSpot Agency Partner Framework. Demonstrating the ability to effectively execute and manage inbound campaigns on behalf of HubSpot clients.

Guided Client Onboarding

Certification (HubSpot)

Covering Guided Client Onboarding and building an effective onboarding programme for HubSpot clients that is both scalable and repeatable.

Inbound Marketing

Certification (HubSpot)

Covering the application of inbound marketing techniques, the inbound approach to creating content, social promotion, converting and nurturing leads, and marketing to customers.

HubSpot Marketing Software

Certification (HubSpot)

Using the HubSpot Marketing software to create and implement a cohesive inbound marketing strategy. Proficiency in the essential functions of Marketing Hub and its core tools.

Social Media

Certification (HubSpot)

Covering inbound social media strategy, best practices, social monitoring, content strategy, social engagement, creating social media policies, and demonstrating social ROI to stakeholders.

Sales Skills

Course/Bootcamp (HubSpot)

Completion of the Sales Skills Bootcamp with David Weinhaus.

Inbound Sales

Certification (HubSpot)

Covering the inbound sales methodology; best practices and applying them to identify, connect, explore and advise potential buyers.

Frictionless Sales

Certification (HubSpot)

Covering the frictionless selling framework and applying flywheel thinking to sales

Media Production

BA (Hons)

Covering video production, audio production, design and visual communication, digital animation, script and screenwriting, research methods.

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