HubSpot Onboarding

Designed specifically for education and non-profit organisations.


We know that teams grow and change over time so we are delighted to introduce Re-Onboarding - an adaptation of our popular Professional Onboarding.

HubSpot Onboarding is what we call the implementation period with your new software. Re-Onboarding is for those who have been using HubSpot for 1 year + and need a refresher. 

Designed to help those who:

Completed Onboarding initially with another provider and need training more specific to the education or non-profit sector

Completed Onboarding with HubGem or another provider and need a refresher for their teams or need to train new team members who are using HubSpot for the first time

Completed Onboarding with another provider but were unhappy with the service they received and have identified gaps in their knowledge




An adaptation of our hugely popular Onboarding service, we will work with you to focus on the gaps you have in your knowledge and plan a 4-week training plan to meet your needs

Initial Portal Audit designed to help us identify missed opportunities and any features included in your HubSpot subscription that are not being used effectively

2 hours of training calls + 2 hours of technical support per week

4 weeks duration

Ideal for: Teams who have completed Onboarding before, and have been using HubSpot for at least 1 year

Not for: Teams who have never completed Onboarding, or those who have no prior experience or knowledge of HubSpot

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