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Your website is your window to the world. 

A great website is your biggest marketing asset and most valuable tool for generating new leads. It is the first place your prospects go to find out more about your organisation and your opportunity to drive admissions, supporters or sales. 

We design and develop websites and apps driven by growth. 

Lead generation and nurturing shouldn't be an afterthought, an amazing customer journey from the very first touchpoint is fundamental to attracting and converting leads. A website should be constantly evolving and adapting to meet your visitor's expectations and to provide them with the most value. 

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Below  is an outline of what a design and development project with HubGem could look like:

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Steps to a growth-driven website 


This is our opportunity to meet with you to really understand your needs. You will meet with one of our Technical Consultants we want to truly understand your goals, challenges, priorities and direction. 

We will identify technical specifications, timeline, budget and growth goals with as much input from you as possible.  


We use the insight from our exploratory meeting(s) and our expertise to provide a proposal for the project. 

This will include a fixed-cost quote based on the technical specifications and priorities discussed in the exploratory phase. We will also share timelines that align with your goals. 


Our designers will create visual prototypes of what your website could look like (on both mobile and desktop devices). 

These concept designs will give you the opportunity to share your feedback and suggestions prior to the build, so you have confidence in exactly what your new website will look like. 


Once we have your feedback and have made the relevant changes, we reach the approval stage. 

This is where we agree deliverables, and you confirm agreement of the design brief and technical specification. 


This is where we take the agreed specification and design, and our team will work on the build of your new growth-driven website. 

We will provide regular updates and review points to show you progress made.  

Go Live 

This is the exciting part! Following your approval and final sign-off, we publish your new website! 

We offer two months free support immediately following your go-live live date, which gives you peace of mind that if you need to make any small changes we are here to help. 

Support and Maintenance 

We then offer annual support and maintenance packages to ensure that your website is always up-to-date and secure. This includes email and telephone support. 

Why choose HubGem? 

We are a dedicated team of digital marketers and developers, with years of experience across the education and non-profit sectors. We understand the unique journey that your prospective students and supporters take, we live and breathe inbound marketing and every project we implement is based on a customer-first approach.  

Our approach is consultative, we work with you closely at every stage and our approach is based on flexibility. We bring our experience of lead generation and communication into the process of designing your website. We provide websites integrated seamlessly with HubSpot CRM, websites that work for you, and provide value to your prospects. 

Ready to discuss your needs? 

We can provide you with everything your organisations need for a growth driven website.

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